Why Paw Pass Training with ORA Works Better

Long Term Success

Why ORA training is better!

Helping the client become a better owner.

At Open Range our trainers are versed in all kinds of training techniques and methods.

Clarity Training Style

Open Range uses the Clarity style of positive reinforcement training. Clarity focuses on clear and simple communication techniques that work best for each specific K9 team (family/handler + K9).

Clarity training always succeeds because it is flexible. 

Training The Dog In Front Of You

We will be able to train each dog that comes to us because ORA trainers train the dog in front of them. 

This means that ORA trainers will adapt the very best training approach to be sure that you have a training method that is right for you that will help you succeed in the long term. 

Other training companies focus on short-term goals that only work with their style so that they can justify their hourly rate.

It’s important to have a trainer who can listen to you as a client and work within your parameters for you and your dog. It is also important that your trainer can operate within those parameters successfully. ORA trainers work with the dog in a variety of ways to meet both the family needs and the K9-specific characteristics.

E-Collar Companies

Most nationwide franchise companies use e-collar methods only. This is a lazy and damaging technique used by inexperienced trainers. This method is used because it is easy for any “trainer” to teach and so it is easy for franchisees to hire low-cost, inexperienced, “trainers” to run a K9 class. 

Avoid these companies at all cost, or your pup will be paying for it in the end.

“The best training method is the one that bonds the K9 with the family. Trainers who apply themselves to one ideological training style often ignore key opportunities to improve a K9 team because they care more about their style than they do about the K9 Family bond.”

Dawn Scott – Clarity Training Founder

At Open Range we are with you! We know that dog training is a long process and can only be done with diligence over time. 

The ORA platform is unique, the majority of programs offered through ORA include a lifetime group trainer for you. Our trainers will be there in a month and our trainers will be there in 2 years. Any questions you have, we are there for you.

The one-hour training session is an outdated and insufficient method of K9 training.

True success comes from your comprehension and application as the K9 handler and that often takes small baby steps over an extended period of time.

As experienced service K9 trainers, ORA knows what it takes to create stable and consistent results in the most difficult of situations. What you need to understand as a K9 owner is that this consistency is required for all K9s, not just service K9s. 

The science of training a K9 to behave appropriately in a human environment is more complicated than “sit”, “stay”, or “down”. 

K9s require routine, and as the owner, you must learn how to facilitate an appropriate bonding routine that requires a lot more time than a one-hour session can offer.

Does the trainer focus on relationship?

At Open Range we know that dog training is relationship building and bonding, period.

A good trainer can work with you for an hour and help you to get your pup to “sit”, but this information does not translate into long-term success with your K9.

Your pups’ behavior in each environment will be unique. As your pup goes through different maturity stages, their behavior will evolve. Your bond with the K9 and your understanding of K9 behavior will help you to achieve results in all situations.

ORA trainers focus on giving you the ability to grow a great relationship with your dog. This way, in the future, you can train, explore, and learn together. 

ORA is the only company that offers training programs that assist you in all life stages of your training needs.

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