Train Your Puppy from Home

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I am so excited to have you here at Open Range Academy! This page will give you a “look in,” with a few free video’s. Our content in our training Module’s is unmatched and we are confident you will find the exact training advice you need. There is one amazing thing that sets us apart from other companies. We know many of us are training at home right now due to world circumstances. So with our program you are able to ask a question anytime. Feel free to get really specific! All dogs are different and it is our job to help you get the desired results out of your new best fur friend. Open Range has been doing puppy kindergarten for just over 5 years now. We specialize in puppies as we have spent the most time training them. Over the last 3 years we have significantly expanded our training program. We found our passion and we are happy to share it with you! Our program follows the AKC training guidelines with AKC courses in mind. You can do all the work at home with AKC certified trainers in your back pocket on the Open Range Academy website. We also offer video’s on Facebook that can help address issues that you may have. So lets go! Jump right in and enjoy this free content.

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