Service Dog Registration

Open Range Academy Service Dog and ESA Registration

Open Range Academy offers comprehensive service dog and ESA registration services. ORA offers a unique registration platform that was developed from our extensive experience working in the real world with service dogs and ESA's.

Fake Registry Companies

Service Animal Registry SCAMS: Understand Your Rights And Comply With Legal Service Animal Requirements

Many Service Animal Registries provide a false notion that your dog is somehow registered with the government or some other regulatory agency upon "registration" of your service animal. This is false.

Ultimately registering your service animal only provides value if the registry itself provides value added services.

Open Range Academy is the only registry company that supports and informs registered service animal owners with the legal training, documentation and support to stay compliant with federal laws.

Now that you know the facts steer clear of registries selling you space on a public domain that ultimately offers you no value and may actually be misleading the consumer with a false narrative.

Federal fines for falsifying a public Service Dog is $75k for your first conviction. Many states are beginning to ramp up their prosecution of fake service dogs and adding additional hefty fines.

Learn More About Federal Regulations: