Service Dog Paw Pass

Service Dog Paw Pass Instructor

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are ONLY trying to get help with housing it is recommended to get just the Basic ESA Paw Pass.

Service Dog Paw Pass Instructor: 12 Months Personal Instructor

Service Dog Paw Pass Instructor offers the opportunity to get the training and help from a certified ORA instructor for a full year. Receive access to unlimited evaluations (initial and any re-try’s) until your Evaluator is satisfied that you, as the handler, and your dog meet the minimum standards to pass any of ORA’s provided certification courses, including AKC certifications.


Everything You Need For Complete Service Dog Training +Plus 12 Months Of 1-on-1 Certified Trainer Coaching


12 Month Premier Paw Membership + Level 1 & 2 Certification

12 Month Premier Paw LIVE Membership + Level 3 & 4 Certification

12 Month Premier Paw Personal Instructor Membership + Level 5, 6 & 7 Certification

NOTE: Any identification badges or certifications MUST be earned through trainer evaluation. You are paying for the trainers time to coach and evaluate your Service Dog. Purchasing an evaluation, which includes your certificate upon completion, does NOT guarantee you will pass your evaluation and get a certificate if you do not put in the work to train your dog.

Disclaimer: Open Range Pups, LLC, dba Pup Training Academy, makes no warranty that any individual will qualify for federal protections for their Service Dog.