Service Dog and ESA Home Training Programs

ORA Service Dog Home Training Programs

Open Range Academy Service Animal Home Training Programs

Open Range Academy offers comprehensive training support for Service Dogs, ESA's, Therapy Dogs, Family Dogs, Puppy Training, Behavior Correction and more.

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Service Dog Home Training Programs

ORA Home Training Programs For Service Dogs and ESA's

Open Range Academy (ORA) is the first and only company to create home training and certification programs specifically for Service Dogs and ESA's. ORA Home Training Program highlights:

Handler Competency Is The Most Valuable Service Team Asset

Improving Handler Skillset

Many individuals starting out in the service animal world may not comprehend the depth of training and knowledge required to become a competent handler.

Handlers should spend, on average, 1-2 hours per day (or more) training beginner support dogs and 30min-1hr per day maintaining their active service dog.

If you are a novice handler it may take a few hundred hours of practical training experience to really master handler techniques and canine confidence.

Open Range Academy's Home Training Program Helps Handlers:

Canine Confidence To Perform Work Under Stress Is Critical

Improving Canine Skillset

What is the purpose of having a service animal? Often times a service animal is there to support their handler and others in times of stress or critical need. Even dogs who perform everyday tasks require a level training that assists them in building confidence and succeed in their task for their handler.

Canine's are highly adaptable to the proper types of training. The sooner that you learn how to shape a dogs behavior the better.

Open Range Academy concentrates on three main components of canine training:

Performance Work For Service Dogs

Service Dog Home Training

We always recommend that handlers complete as much training as possible on their own (instead of "buying" a service dog). The more work you complete with your canine the more competent you will become as a handler and the stronger bond you will have with your service companion.

Open Range Academy offers complete Service Dog training programs for you to participate in at home or you can send your canine to one of our locations for module specific training.

The ORA Service Dog program offers 7 Levels of competency advancement with the purpose of helping the team have the confidence to perform complex task work, in public, and in stressful home situations.

The ORA Service Dog program covers common task work for everyday life. Many of these common everyday tasks are enough (in addition to Obedience and Public Access) to qualify as an ADA compliant Service Dog.

The ORA Service Dog program also covers modulized learning for specific Service Dog Types and training needs.

Mobility Support

Guide Dog

Hearing Dog

Autism Support Dog

Seizure Support Dog

Service Dog Home Training Program Summary

After reviewing this short list of potential tasks, not to mention basic obedience and public access skills, you can clearly see there is much that can be accomplished with your service companion.

Open Range Academy’s goal is to equip handlers and their support team with the appropriate training to prepare for the real world.

The goals of your Service Dog program start with the handler and their specific needs. ORA offers many professional services to help you assess your needs, goals, and put a Service Dog Support Plan into action.

ORA Service Dog Home Training Services

Performance Work For Emotional Support Dogs

ESA and ESD Home Training

Open Range Academy's ESA Training options are not much different than our Service Dog programs.

Important Note: ESA’s are not recognized at this time by the federal government. However, a proposed law is on the table to change this rule. Ultimately, ORA believes in ESA’s as long as the canine and handler comply with the strict standards set out by ORA Testing Standards, federal ADA task work and obedience requirements, in addition to other non-profit minimum training standards.

Important Note: ORA classifies a dog that can become ADA compliant as an ESD. The main difference between an ESD and an ESA is that ESA’s do not have certain public access training, however, they are often still required to perform a task.

The ADA does acknowledge mental disabilities and needs. The regulation really splits a hairs when it comes to ESA's and we at ORA believe the regulation will soon be changed. If the rule is changed, than according to the proposed legal language, all ESA's will have to be trained to the same standards as other Service Dogs (granting ESA's equal protections under the law). ORA agrees with this language and believes in greater public and handler-team safety minimums.

ESA's are a critical part of many peoples lives. One objection we have to the current language the ADA uses is this; "the use of canine presence as a task does not qualify as a service task", ORA knows this "task" is actually a very useful skill to the service animals handler. However, just because the ADA does not recognize this one function as a service task, this does not mean your emotional support dog cannot complete other handler-specific tasks that will meet the ADA standards. An outline of some tasks is provided below.

It needs to be understood that the Open Range Academy policy only believes in service animals that have been trained to strict standards that have the handler-team and public safety in mind at all times.

ORA ESD Home Training programs require all of the same minimum training and task work standards as our Service Dog Training programs. Any ESA (with the exception of FHA or ACAA only ESA's) will be required to pass all ORA certificates leading to public access and ADA compliance.

ESA's that do not meet minimum ADA task or public access standards can still complete ORA certification courses. ESA's are provided some rights under FHA and applicable ACAA laws. However, there are still minimum training standards and tasks required even to comply with these laws.

Here is an outline of our Premier Paw Home Training Courses for ESD's and ESA's:

The ORA Emotional Support Dog program covers common task work for everyday life. Most of these common tasks are enough (in addition to Obedience and Public Access) to qualify as an ADA compliant Service Dog.

The ORA Emotional Support Dog program also covers specific emotional support learning for specific Emotional Support Dog handler needs. Many emotional support needs can utilize very similar training tasks.

Assistance In A Medical Crisis

Treatment Related Assistance

Coping With Emotional Overload

Fear Management In Public

ORA Emotional Support Dog Home Training Services


Includes Service Registration Number, ID's, Paw Coaching And Access To Support Training Courses.


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