Errorless Learning with Dawn Scott IAABC – ADT , CPDT-KA


Join me as I explore this method of training. Open Range is working with Dr. Amy Cook to learn Errorless. Dr. Cook encouraged me to see what Errorless would do for my training, introduced me to Errorless principals and coaches me still in this method. This specific set of classes will be devoted to the concepts we work on when we are introducing errorless training. Enjoy following along and watch your training change!



I began to feel very frustrated in my training and my dogs lacked excitement to work with me. I reached for something “New,” and that was Errorless Learning. Implementing this method was really difficult at first for me because it was opposite everything I had learned in dog training. As I took this topic, by topic and week by week I watched my training transform. I no longer felt frustrated in teaching my dogs and they because excited students. My training went from organized chaos to clear, concise and fun!

Errorless learning has been around for 50 years but is not commonly used in dog training. This course will walk you through step-by-step, in 34 videos, the concept and training that is Errorless Learning for our dogs. So come on in and join me from the comfort of your own home. Let’s learn about Errorless.