3 Core Training Objectives

Service Dog Training Programs

As Open Range continually strives to develop the best Service Dog Program we have identified areas in the training industry that we believe we can set the bar higher. These are Open Range’s Service Dog Training Core Objectives:


Train Amazing Dogs

It’s difficult to measure what it means to train the best dogs so let us give you, as a customer, some goals and outlines to expect as you continue your search for the perfect Service Dog.


Provide Service To Anyone In Need

It is unfortunate, but also a simple fact of life, that non-profits will cater to those with the greatest needs and often with minimal or non-existent financial resources. Waiting lists at most non-profits will range from 2-5 years. Most times facilities will require an average of 30% of costs be covered by the new parent ($17,000 should be expected).


Help Service Dog Owners Become Better Handlers

Open Range Pups has a desire to help those in need. Clients interested in taking on the responsibility of owning a Service Dog should very seriously consider the maintenance and time required to keep a Service Dog. Even a fully trained service dog will loose its training in time if the owners are not committed to maintaining the standard of training with daily and weekly task or behavior re-enforcing activities.