Module 1

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Module 1

Welcome to the Western Slope of Colorado! Open Range has been working and training here for just over 6

years now. We are professionals raising amazing puppies with the aim of service work for each of them. How

can that help you if you just want a family pet? Raising bomb proof puppies is what we are famous for! They

have gone on to service work but the majority of our puppies went to amazing family homes. So we are here

to teach you how to train your puppy and get the desired behaviors of a family pup. So, what kinds of things

can you expect you to learn?

Module 1: 0 weeks – 12 weeks

Free Content:

  • Quick Tips for Grooming

  • Puppy Insurance

  • Leash and Collar 

  • Levi Training Video’s 

Paid Content:

  • Welcome

  • Choosing a Breeder

  • Getting prepared

  • Bringing Puppy Home

  • Potty Training

  • Breakdown personalities

  • Review: Sit, come and down

  • Activity: Sit, come (how come enforces lead walking) and down

  • Review: Wait and Stay

  • Activity: Wait and Stay

  • Module 1 Quiz

Module 1 also gives you access to question and answer with our AKC trainers! The value to your family is

absolutely endless! Join us today as we jump in and start learning. 

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Module 1 Video 1

Introduction to Module 1
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Module 1 Video 2

Finding a Good Breeder
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Module 1 Video 3
Preparing for Puppy
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Module 1 Video 4
Bringing Puppy Home
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