Fusion Trainer Independent Business Operator (IBO) "Mentor" Program

Become a trainer mentor. Help new and experienced trainers build their business, increase their knowledge, and assist with successful customer relationship building.

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Build Long Term Success With Fusion IBO Mentor Program

A program for experienced trainers only.

Pre-Screened Qualifications

If you were sent to this page it is because your qualifications meet our minimum standards to move on to the phase 2 of your application process.

Income Growth

The Fusion Mentor Program allows you to train other trainers and earn lifetime residual income from their successful client contracts.

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No hassles, no guesswork.

As an Fusion Trainer IBO Mentor you have a team of experienced business experts and marketing gurus to help you launch your K9 Training Mentor Business. All you have to do is concentrate on helping your students with new clients and fulfilling contracts successfully.

How it works

3 Simple Steps:



If you are seeing this page you should have already met ORAs' pre-approval standards.



The next step after reviewing this page is to set-up your interview with the ORA Program Administrators.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss additional features, and learn about growth opportunities.



Upon acceptance into the program you will need to pay your first year maintenance fee (discussed below). ORA will begin sending you new student applications within 5 days of your official enrollment.

Income Opportunities

ORA Fusion Mentors earn income from their students successful contracts. You are not limited to a mentorship role and you may participate in the other Fusion IBO programs.

Student Income Basics

The standard commission rates:

Earned Commission From New Fusion Trainer Activities

Fusion IBO Enrollment


You will earn a $500 bonus for every IBO member who enrolls and pays their enrollment fee.


Fusion Training Commission

Up to $8,500

If a student requires training to become a Certified Trainer - i.e. non-experienced trainers - than you will earn 50% commission on their tuition ($17,000) to act as their training mentor.


Tier 1-3 Commission

10% Commission

If the trainer is Tier 3 or under, you will earn 10% commission on every successful transaction they have with a client. Below is a list of non-boarding and boarding services Fusion IBO students can offer to clients. You will earn 10% of these rates.


Tier 4+ Commission

5% Commission

If the trainer is Tier 4 or above, you will earn 5% commission on every successful transaction they have with a client. Below is a list of non-boarding and boarding services Fusion IBO students can offer to clients. You will earn 5% of these rates for the entire career of the student.


Non-Boarding Service Income Opportunities

Non-boarding services include the ORA online platform - Paw Pass - as well as the ORA workshop programs as follows:​

Train In-Home Workshops (travel to the clients’ residence to train)

All K9 Programs

Up to $270 per session

Program runs average a minimum of 3 hours. Program requires a 1 hour free consultation. Travel to clients home is required.


Train One-on-One Workshops (at a fixed or online location)

All K9 Programs

Up to $100 per hour

Program runs average a minimum of 1 hours. Program may be distance - app or zoom call - or it may require in-person.


Train Class Workshops (put on group classes up to 10 people)

All K9 Programs

Up to $2,000 per class

Program runs average a minimum of 1 hour per week (most classes are 4 week classes). Up to 10 students per class ($200 per student).


Paw Pass Trainer (online client training programs)

Family K9 Programs

Up to $200 per client

Program runs a minimum of 16 weeks. Average of 15min per day per client. Time spent with client dwindles after the first month.


Service K9 Programs

Up to $1,200 per client

Program runs a minimum of 16 weeks. Average of 15min per day per client.


Behavior K9 Programs​

Up to $1,200 per client

Program runs a minimum of 16 weeks. Average of 30min per day per client.


Boarding Service Income Opportunities

Boarding programs, including service K9 programs, require a separate evaluation and enrollment fee.

Board and Train (BaT) Services (you will board and train the K9)

All K9 Programs

Up to $540 per week per K9

Program runs average a minimum of 4 weeks. Spend an average of 1-1.5 hours per day per K9.


Offer Ready For Home (RFH) Services (you will acquire a puppy and train to be Ready for Home – Family and Service K9s)

Family K9 Programs

Up to $2,160 per month per K9

Program runs average a minimum of 2 months. Spend an average of 1-1.5 hours per day per K9.


Service K9 Programs

Up to $27,000 per client

Program runs a minimum of 16 weeks and up to 18 months. Earn up to $2,200 per month. Average of 1-1.5 hours per day per K9.


Non-Certificate Income Opportunities

ORA provides additional income opportunities to help drive Fusion Trainer total income potential.

Without Any Trainer Certificates

All Referral Programs

Up to $2,000 per class

5%-10% Commission on referred clients (that you do not train).
5%-20% Commission on shop product items sold through referral links.
20% Recurring Commission on nutrition programs.
2%-10% Lifetime Commission on referred B2B clients (breeders, veterinarians, etc).


Not answered above?

Ask our program administrator for additional details.

Student Commission Tiers

Commission are calculated based on the Fusion Trainers lifetime income as a Fusion IBO. Example: after your Fusion Student have completed $150k or more in contracts or services through ORA they will earn a Tier 3 Commission Rate.

Fusion IBO Lifetime Earnings

Tier 1


Tier 2


Tier 3


Tier 4


Required Fusion Mentor Fees

ORA can finance all costs associated with your Fusion IBO startup. Common Fusion Mentor Fees:

1st Year IBO Fee

$1,800 - approx. $70 p/m with financing*

Your first 12 months of IBO Mentor maintenance fees (usually $149 p/m) are due upon enrollment. Financing options are available within 24 hours. Features of your IBO membership are outlined below.


Optional Fusion IBO Costs

Common IBO Costs (all of which can be financed):

Nutrition Startup Package


ORA uses Paw Tree food and nutrition products. We recommend you enroll with your own account. You can earn lifetime 20% commission on dog/cat food sold to clients. It adds up. Make sure to ask the ORA admin for more details.


Print & Apparel Startup Package


Everything you need for your startup Fusion IBO; business cards, shirts, client freebies, flyers and more. Additionally, receive up to 25% discount on all ORA Fusion training apparel, BombProof gear, and additional print materials.


Computer or Laptop

Up to $2,000

Do you need a new work computer or tablet for sales presentations? ORA can assist you with financing your operating costs.


ORA can help finance ANY startup costs associated with your Fusion IBO startup. Terms from 3-5 years. Use the link below to check sample rates.

Not answered above?

Ask our finance expert for additional assistance.

Fusion IBO Membership Features

Enterprise business features included with your Fusion IBO membership:

Landing Page(s)

You will have client landing pages for scheduling and meeting new students. Your new leads will go directly to you so that you may follow up ASAP. The student scheduler will link to your professional ORA calendar and sync with your ORA Gmail account.

Service Booking Form(s)

Your booking calendar is set by you. You can include your working hours and dates. Any ORA service offered will be available on your booking form.

ORA Social App

You will be able to communicate with your students via MY ORA. This service is available through any desktop or mobile web browser, however, an Apple and Android app are coming soon as well.

Student Profile(s) Tracking

Keep track of your students profiles easily using ORA Profile tools. Keep notes and update your students information as they progress.

Student Profile(s) Study Plan(s)

Build new study plans and customize course outlines for your students needs and training criteria.

Custom Student Intake Forms

Quick access to all ORA Student Intake Forms. Move your leads along quickly with the ORA student workflows available to you. ORA can customize intake forms for any custom services you offer* (requires admin approval).

AI Driven Marketing

From the first time a potential student lands on an ORA website, our AI driven software tracks their interests all the way from first contact, through the sale, and into the future. The ORA AI also delivers customized follow up emails, on page website content specifically for the student, and re-markets to the potential student across web and social media platforms. Creepy, we know.

Additionally, our software and service programs allow us to find new students who best match our goals at ORA. We can create new add campaigns in your market using proven algorithms that target the proper target audience who will be most likely to generate a sale.

Digital Sales Tools

ORA makes it easy to present students with appropriate training plans ranging from the smallest to largest potential goals, offer finance packages, products, add-on services, and much more.

5 Minute Client Financing

ORA client finance options can turn a $5,000 Fusion IBO program into a $250 p/m payment. The student can begin their new training enterprise at an affordable price. Building a Fusion IBO business is a high quality investment and finance packages can spread out the financial burden over 3-5 years. You will be able to offer financing on all packages to all students with credit scores as low as 500. Programs over $1,000 can be approved in 5 minutes and funded in 1-3 days. You have the power to help your student make a sound financial decision and you get paid up-front for the contract service provided. ORA can also provide guaranteed bridge loans if the student is not approved for the full amount.

Digital Contract Forms

ORA makes it easy to set-up and sign contracts digitally. ORA admin also provides training for contract creation and completion.

Mentor Territories

ORA does take into consideration your financial stability when approving new mentors in the same local region. However, ORA will hold you accountable to continuing growth and territorial opportunity goals. If you fail to grow and/or meet current demand ORA will continue to add new mentors in your area. If, however, you pursue growing your Fusion Mentor IBO aggressively, ORA will reward your hard work with loyalty and exclusive opportunities to further your success.

Fusion IBO Business Plan

Your ORA administrator will conduct a regional analysis to determine total market availability. Upon completion the administrator will put together a comprehensive business plan and marketing goal for the region that meets your goals and objectives.

Custom Business Contact

ORA will provide you with a business email and with a custom business phone number provided by Zoom. You will be able to call, chat, or video conference with unlimited data from any smart phone. Phone numbers are separate from your personal number.

Custom Print Material

You will be able to order all of your business cards, print materials, car magnets/stickers, right from the ORA shop. Your business materials will be provided at competitive prices. Additionally, you can purchase ORA apparel and print credits to receive a 25% discount on all shop promotional items.


Common Fusion Mentor IBO Questions:

Earnings Potential

How much money can I earn working as a Fusion Mentor IBO?

Your income is dependent on your work ethic, willingness to learn, and your ability to connect with assist student success. It is possible to earn over $200k+ in passive yearly working as a Fusion Mentor*.


Earning Potential

Does ORA send me new student?

Yes, AND we send new clients to your students. We continually drive income opportunities to you.


Not answered above?

Ask our finance expert for additional assistance.

Fusion Mentor Income Calculator

*For illustration purposes only, actual commission earnings and service time requirements may vary.

Calculate Your Fusion Mentor Startup Costs

Add up your costs and use the financing calculator to estimate your monthly payments.

Financing Monthly Cost Estimate

*For illustration purposes only, actual rates and terms may vary.

Additional Fusion IBO Programs

Fusion IBO Programs:

Workshop IBO

Become a Fusion Trainer with Open Range Academy.

Earn money training one-on-one, in-home, and group workshops as part of the ORA Fusion Trainer platform. ORA will handle all of the business aspects of your small enterprise so that you can focus on training. We send you daily training leads, offer you all of your sales platform, and you handle the needs of your clients.


Board-and-Train IBO

Family and Service K9 Programs.

Earn consistent income boarding and training K9's in your home. Get access to ORA's full featured Service K9 platform and lead generation tools.


Not answered above?

Ask our finance expert for additional assistance.

Your Fusion Mentor funding up to $100k approved & funded the same day.

Credit scores as low as 500, all applicants welcome.