Victoria Garcia-Pech

My whole entire live growing up has been centered around animals both dogs, cat and other exotic animals as I grew up on a farm, so being that animals — dogs especially, have such a big presence in my life I have always wanted to learn how to really train them and bring the bond closer between my furry pal and I. I have always been fascinated by animal behaviorisms,  mannerisms and the world of training has always interested me and I am eager to learn. My goal is to open my own veterinary office that also specializes in working with dogs with fear-based aggression and anxiety. I plan on going to veterinary school to understand the medical side of why dogs and other animals behave the way they do in certain situations because of their genetics and how to treat them medically but I believe not all of those situations can be solved through medication and that majority of the time one can help a dog or any animal feel more comfortable by working at the root of their fear with training and redefining the way they live through behavior rehabilitation.