Shelby Nye

Hi! My name is Shelby Nye. I have had a passion for all things animals especially dogs my whole life. I have had a fascination with animal behavior and body language, and have studied it on my own and now i am enrolled in an online dog training certification course with Penn Foster. 
What got me really into training was I rescued a bully mix dog who had dog aggression/leash reactivity and didn’t know anything besides sit. He sadly passed away about three months ago, but before he did he was fully off leash trained knew german, english, and hand signals for cues to certain behaviors. I have worked with all aspects of the four quadrants of operation conditioning to help rehabilitate and work with the dog I had in front of me. I have also worked with family friends training their dogs and teaching them how to work with the dog they had in front of them. I do have proper prong and ecollar training, but I prefer to learn the dog in front of me before using these tools.