Savannah Louise Olmos

As a disabled individual myself, with my own owner trained service dog, I know how hard it is to try to train your own dog. I had so much help from small wonderful trainers online, that now I’d really love to be able to help someone achieve some freedom and get some normalcy back in their life with a service animal like I did. Aside from service animals, I love training dogs in general. Especially setting up puppies for success. I just want people to feel they can have a better relationship with their dog and enjoy their lives together more through training. 

I loved working with a rescue and a couple of foster dogs that needed rehabilitation. Seeing people adopt a well trained new pet in their home that they could just get to know and bond with always made me so happy. 

I’ve always wanted to work with animals, but my own disability has held me back for so long. This seems like such a great opportunity to me to finally get to do what I love.