Dog training has always been an interest for me, since my days as a kid spending 4 to 5 years in the basics of learning about dog training through 4-H. Since those days I have continued my practice as much as possible, and at the back of my mind; training a dog or animal brings me a sense of fulfillment/understanding about my own life. Walking, training, and teaching them certain words when working with them enough is a good feeling when they begin to understand what I am asking from them through words or gestures they were taught. Obedience training makes it easier to handle a dog when at the house or when out and about. Owning a trained canine makes the lives of the owner easier, if the dog understands commands when continued practice. I have noticed when dogs have not had much training, or at all, they are more likely to become aggressive and end up in a shelter. Which could cut down on people wanting to get rid of dog if they understand that training them is important when owning any dog that someone would like to keep for long term