Nelson hernandez

My name is Nelson . I am 29 years of age. I am a father and husband of 3 wonderful kids and our 1 dog. I worked with dogs for about 2 years with petco and have volunteered countless hours at the orange county SPCA in Orlando FL.  So between working with dogs and volunteering hours I have always loved learning about dogs and behaviors and figuring out with they move and act the way they act. It’s a passion of mine to continue to save these dogs lives through proper training. Also with this industry of dog training always growing and changing is great and being able to adapt is the best characteristic to have in this business. And it’s also something I feel is my best trait but being personable and relatable to the customer is something I do well. Education is key when talking to the clients because you aren’t just training the dog but educating the clients.

So that is why I want to become a canine trainer because it also makes me an educator and the business is so innovative so you are constantly learning and growing. Plus being around dogs is a plus!