Natosha Marie Carlson

I work in a school  for special needs and behavioral children. We do have an animal program where our students get to engage with the horses, cows, cats, and chickens.  It’s a great environment to watch the students interact with animals.  We did have a service dog, but the lady retired and now travels around the country engaging in dog shows.  So now our school lacks a therapy dog, which our students loved seeing everyday.. My family adopted an English Bulldog Mix, which she is great with children.  I would love to get her trained or train her myself for a service dog or therapy dog to go into the schools with my student.  I gives them so much joy to see an animal come into their classroom to greet them and just sets there day off right from the start.  That’s why I would love to not only train my own animals but others as well, for that enjoyment.