Mackenzie Korb

I have always had a natural way with dogs ever since I was a child. I have always found so much reward in training a dog and when I have a dog around I feel more in control of my life. When you can have complete control of your dog, you feel like you can have complete control in other areas of your life. I want to give that gift to others because it is a life changing idea. I never considered dog training a possible career, so I entered into the foodservice industry because I love cooking and making people happy with my food. Also, I needed a way to get closer to my father. He was a chef and I thought that if I became a chef he would be able to relate to me. Well, 15 years later and I don’t talk to him at all. The hospitality industry has taught me that the customer is always right. But, in dog training, the customer is usually wrong. I have always been a good teacher, and I love teaching people how to cook. I would love to train people how to train their dogs. I have helped people train their dogs and have found that most of the time it’s the people’s fault, not the “problem” dogs. I have been successful training people how to be good dog owners. The hospitality industry has trained me to work with people, now it’s my turn to train people how to work with dogs.