Lyndzi Stockton

I am 22 years old. One year ago I reached an adorably stubborn lab and bully mix, Layla. She was 8 months old at the time and had severe separation anxiety. She had missing hair on her tail and her ears/skin were infected. My vet believed she did not come from a good situation.  I was told by countless people that I would not be able to handle a rescue with so many behavioral issues, *especially* a pit bull mix.  

One year later and Layla is flourishing. She now responds to numerous commands in sign language. Her behavior has dramatically improved, and she no longer scream-barks every time I leave her home alone. My blinds and couch no longer suffer. YouTube and some Petsmart training classes took us from doubt to being praised about how far she’s come. 

Layla isn’t just a great companion, she taught me how valuable the hard work can be. She taught me that EVERY dog, no matter how “bad” they are, deserves a chance to change. I want to be able to help others see that as well. To help people build stronger bonds with their dogs. Training these days is extremely expensive and my dream is to be able to provide a great experience for way less cost. It’s not about the money for me at all. I just want to see all dogs reach their true potential.