Jose Vasquez

Hi! My name is Jose Vasquez and I have been a dog trainer for about 3 years now. I currently own a Belgian Malinois that will be 11 in May. I believe my interest in dogs and dog training first happened when my family and I first got our dog, Niko. When we started taking him to training sessions, I grew very fond of the career and knew this was something I wanted to pursue. I have worked in the restaurant industry now for 30+ years and crave to finally do something I enjoy that is not completely draining on my body. I want to be a dog trainer because I love animals and because I see myself becoming a successful trainer. Over the past several years I have not let my long work schedule deter me from seeking my real passion, I perceived through the difficulties to obtain the education and certifications to become a dog trainer. I am determined to use this same passion to become a successful dog trainer that truly loves what they do.