Joelle Kaponokipalani Beach


Most everyone calls me by my middle name Kipa. I have owned or worked closely with dogs ever since I was very little. In fact, the first photographic Christmas card my parents sent out was of me seated between our dogs at the time- two large Lab mixes. I grew up always having a dog (or two or three!) around and saw them as essential to my family while also slowly becoming aware of how others felt the same. It was while studying music for my Undergrad that I realized I wanted to make working with dogs a career. Despite being told explicitly not to by my parents, I adopted a dog my sophomore year while living off campus with my boyfriend because I missed having a loveable fur ball around. The dog in this story is a beagle mix named Pepper and he still lives with me today! I did not anticipate the huge responsibility that came with being a dog mom though, so I immediately began working as a dog walker and pet sitter while still a student. It was this experience coupled with Pepper’s undying love and loyalty that inspired me to continue my journey in finding a career where I could help others find happiness in their own relationships with their dogs. After graduation I returned home to Hawaii from Illinois. I spent time working as a dog groomer for 2 years, and then another year working as a veterinarian technician saving up money in the meantime to go to Graduate school. I am currently finishing my last semester of school at Bergin University of Canine studies. I anticipate graduating with my M.S in Human-Canine Life Sciences by the end of this summer. My doggy-filled childhood and varied work history gives me a practical skills set that is necessary for dog training, not to mention a deep compassion for dogs and humans alike. My desire is to utilize the Human-Canine bond for the betterment of both dogs and mankind…. I was blessed to have benefitted from my relationship with man’s best friend my whole life. Why not share that with the rest of the world? I hope one day to achieve my goal of working with therapy dogs to provide love and healing for human patients in need.