Gunnar Jakson Klote

My name is Gunnar Jakson Klote and I love training dogs to better them for their pet parents. My training methods are positive reinforcement and based on mutual respect. I don’t believe in being the “boss” or “alpha”. I believe in being a leader for your dog. I have trained my herding dogs; Shetland sheepdog, an Aussie lab cross, border collie cross and blue heeler. My black lab is 10 and cannot head very well.

I have trained small dogs such as a West Highland Terrier, he had it in his head that whenever a door opens he can run out. That can be very dangerous for a dog especially in a car. I spent a week teaching him the basics as well as not to run out until I gave him the release command. All my dogs wait until I give them the release command. Dog leads are very important, I have 4 ft leads for my dogs, as well as a training lead I use for training, such as recall, potty training, scent training. Dog leads are meant for safety and to keep your dog under control. I’ve seen dogs who are not leashes and do not have excellent recall. That just does not mix. My right hand dog Aiden, I trust him with my life, I leash him and keep him close to him when out in public. With my blue heeler and my border collie, they are under a year; I make them focus on me if I am checking out at a store or people are passing us on a trail. I keep my training sessions short because dogs live in the present and will lose interest. Distractions are an opportunity, I tell people not to be discouraged when a potential distraction occurs, turn it into a short training session.