Grace Elizabeth Barton

I was raised around dogs my whole life since my mom always had them. But I didn’t truly discover my passion until I worked for a humane society in 2019. I saw a lot of dogs get abandoned by their owners or returned by their new adopters due to behavior issues. Some of these dogs even had to be euthanized for behavior issues simply because no one ever took the time to invest in their mental well being. While I worked their, their was a pit terrier puppy who was brought to us as a stray at 4 weeks old. She was adopted several times and returned each time because she was a “bad dog.” They were going to euthanize her but asked the staff if anyone would be interested in trying to train her to see if there was any hope. I had no training experience whatsoever but couldn’t watch the puppy get euthanized because I knew she was a good dog deep down inside. I was pregnant at the time they came to this conclusion with her, so everyone doubted I had the energy or time to turn her around. It took many months of fostering her to get her under control but I managed to do it. Once the director saw the “bad dog” everyone had warned her about walking nicely on a leash with me, thriving in me home when none of the other adopters could figure her out, she was so impressed with my talent that she paid for my first dog training certificate in basic obedience in hopes that I could use this knowledge to train the dogs within her facility and keep them in their homes. I have become so passionate about passing on my talent and knowledge throughout the community to keep as many dogs as possible in loving homes so the shelters won’t be so full of these behavior cases. I struggled to train my foster puppy in the beginning since she was a very difficult dog and I had bonded with her, so I wanted to figure her out so badly, which makes me familiar with the frustration so many dog owners go through when they love their dog so much but can’t seem to relate to them. It is my dream and passion to help people and dogs bond together forever.¬†