Elliott felts

2 years of small animal  in high school agriculture class, instructor raised German Shepard and brought in her dogs and many many more from the community for hands on time Which consisted  mostly Of bathing and some basic grooming. This is where I decided I wanted to train dogs for a career. I am now ready to begin learning. I was trying to find an employer willing to train unfortunately that hasn’t happened and I’m no longer willing to wait. Short terms goals are to learn as much as I can and Gain employment. Long term goals are to open my own business establish myself and finally take over the Nashville and surrounding counties(LOL), train shelter dogs and find them forever homes. My family has several acres Of land, kennels and I have family support. I have a 740 credit score, customer service experience and currently work as apartment maintenance and porter and am accustomed to working with people in their homes. I would like more information to make sure this is the correct training for me. Thank you.