BreeAnna Roseberry

I have some special needs myself and when I was younger a service dog really helped my service dog is my lifeline but I also saw how they helped other people so I started training for friends and I started having fun with it and I realized how fun it was working with animals I making a difference in peoples life and I realized a lot of people rehome pets that can’t behave or are not well trained so when my friend started talking about rehoming her Yorky I told her no I will help so a few weeks later I am helping her train her Yorky we are working for him to pass a good citizens test the biggest is he gets overexcited and barks at adults children and dogs haha actually anything that moves and so far my training tactics are working for him and when I hear the stories of how he does after a training session with my friend in the happiness in the joy in her voice and the feeling I get when she says I don’t think I have to rehome him makes me so happy I just want to keep doing it and I don’t trained with we shock collar prongs or chokers all the time if a dog can be trained with positive reinforcement that is the best option but there are cases when they do  have to be used I am not one of  those people that hate them I do think sometimes they do need to be used but not all dogs need them they will work for you just because they love you or for simple treat or toy