Andrea Davies

I worked at Westwood Regional Veterinary Hospital where I gained my veterinary experience. I worked closely with the DVM overnight assisting in surgeries, critical care, restraint, recovery, and other technical duties. I handled many aggressive cases, and assisted in behavior modification and was a mentor for the kennel staff. 
I had my own pet sitting business, Blissful Buddies Pet Care where I cared for sick, elderly or problem animals. This included walking dogs, feeding cats, administering medications, caring for exotics such as birds, lizards, snakes and some animal behavior modification. I plan on someday working with a non-profit organization rescuing dogs and horses,and becoming apart of a dedicated team of individuals who share the same passion for animals like I do. My life currently revolves around animals, (mostly dogs) and I love it.
I also worked at The Bristal Assisted Living in the memory care unit Reflections part time. My job was to create a fun and safe living environment. I created a Pet Therapy program where my dog assisted in programs and a group of dogs came to perform twice a month. My dog Bliss was a great service to the facilities aiding in therapies, and performing tasks for residents in the dementia units.  My dog is now retired, but I have many others lined up for the jobs! 
Overall I am a passionate individual with a lot to offer. I want to expand my horizons professionally and truly build solid relationships with clients and their dogs.