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Angela Renee Roberts,ABCDT

I started working with dogs when I was 16 years old. Working and training dogs isn’t just something I love doing it has and always will be a passion of mine. My family and I opened up a doggie daycare and boarding place in 2008, in 2012 I decided to go to Animal Behavior College to become certified as a dog trainer. I finished in the top of my class in September 2013. Now I’m too a point in my life where I feel as if it is time to further my career as a certified dog trainer. 

Ashley Purvis

Dogs have been my passion since i was little, i am furthering my education by taking dog specific courses. I want to become a dog trainer because I’ve always known i wanted to help animals specifically dogs, although it’s not just training dogs it’s working with humans too!

Jose Gonzalez

dogs are honestly the best , I have 2 at the moment. German Shepherd and French bulldog! Every week me and my GSD go train in personal protection at Iron Sharp K9 In cleburne. I learn something new about my dog and other’s people dogs every week and I absolutely love it! So getting a job here would be a dream come true!

Christe Patt

My husband and I owned and operated a dog boarding/daycare business for 16 years, last year during covid we had the opportunity to sell our building, and after much thought and consideration we decided to sell it, and essentially retired from that business.  I have also owned and trained dogs for search work (search for missing or lost persons) for 13 years, and dog training is where my heart really lies, so now I would like to start a dog training business.

Melinda Julia Sotet

I am a Dog Handler for a couple who has a business, Ohio Geese Control, herding geese with a Border Collie for the last 4 1/2 years.  I have done some training with the new dogs that they have gotten from rescue foundations.  I board dogs at my home and train the basics if anyone needs help with their pups.  I have had dogs all my life and started training them when I became an adult.  I was an animal pharmaceutical representative for 10 years over 12 years ago.  My Veterinaries which were my customers had taught me so very much.   My family and friends always come to me when there is a problem with behavior or need some basic training, and I just do research to help the dog.   I would like to become a professional trainer with certification and build a business training dogs.

Rosamond Pappafotis

I have a real passion for dogs and working with them. I have had my rescue dog Sadie for 12 years, and have learned a lot from her. I especially enjoy working with dogs that have behavioral problems (separation anxiety, resource guarding, fear and aggression, etc.). I enjoy seeing dogs transform and having their relationships and lifestyles with their owners improve.