Tonia Collins

I have been a professional dog trainer for five years. Although I worked as the lead trainer for a big box store, I could never earn more than $40,000 per year. I have moved to southwestern Illinois and am seeking to start a dog training business again. I miss the pet parents and helping them develop their puppies and dogs into great companion animals. I also started therapy dog training and plan to build teams in my new location. I am also an AKC Evaluator, Alliance of Therapy Dogs Tester/Observer, and Tester for Pet Partners. I was also very active working in a variety of animal shelters prior to moving. Dogs that were considered aggressive, I helped build trust and found loving, permanent homes for them. I also recently started a job as a Human Resources Director for a state-of-the-art medical hospital that is open 24/7. So, I love, love, love, animals!

Kathrine S Dorsett

I have worked with training dogs from a young age. Recently I have completed several courses on dog training, behavior and theory. 

Jamon Donnell Taylor-Skakel

Hi I’m Jamon, I have been in love with dogs since I was a kid. As I grew up I began to learn and understand dogs more and more. This chose me to train and love dog as I was sent to do.

Elliott felts

2 years of small animal  in high school agriculture class, instructor raised German Shepard and brought in her dogs and many many more from the community for hands on time Which consisted  mostly Of bathing and some basic grooming. This is where I decided I wanted to train dogs for a career. I am now ready to begin learning. I was trying to find an employer willing to train unfortunately that hasn’t happened and I’m no longer willing to wait. Short terms goals are to learn as much as I can and Gain employment. Long term goals are to open my own business establish myself and finally take over the Nashville and surrounding counties(LOL), train shelter dogs and find them forever homes. My family has several acres Of land, kennels and I have family support. I have a 740 credit score, customer service experience and currently work as apartment maintenance and porter and am accustomed to working with people in their homes. I would like more information to make sure this is the correct training for me. Thank you.

Steve Gutermuth

I have had dogs since I was 10 years and have had trained them for years as my side job. 
My kids are grown and I would like to train dogs full time. I love dogs and think they are so special.  Dogs react to me in a very positive way.  

Czaria Jones

I am a kind hearted dog-lover and I would love to be able to bring peace, comfort, and security to a family in need of a service animal!

CaroleLynne Fairclough

   I have had a passion for animals from a young age and strated training our family dogs around the age of twelve.

  I love watching dogs be successful in training as well as enjoy knowing they are reaping so many benefits from it such as improving there overall life.

  A dog who is properly trained knows it’s place amongst it’s family. Structure is a key element to a happy and functional dog. 


 Dog training has always been an interest for me, since my days as a kid spending 4 to 5 years in the basics of learning about dog training through 4-H. Since those days I have continued my practice as much as possible, and at the back of my mind; training a dog or animal brings me a sense of fulfillment/understanding about my own life. Walking, training, and teaching them certain words when working with them enough is a good feeling when they begin to understand what I am asking from them through words or gestures they were taught. Obedience training makes it easier to handle a dog when at the house or when out and about. Owning a trained canine makes the lives of the owner easier, if the dog understands commands when continued practice. I have noticed when dogs have not had much training, or at all, they are more likely to become aggressive and end up in a shelter. Which could cut down on people wanting to get rid of dog if they understand that training them is important when owning any dog that someone would like to keep for long term

Hannah Lorraine Clark

       I have always had a love for dogs. I enjoy being around smart, well trained, loyal dogs. I have trained dogs before, but I don’t have a professional background. I am devoted to learning more about how to professionally train dogs. I have lots of potential and I strive in always working hard and giving enthusiasm to every job I have. 

Bailey Kittel

I was a horse trainer for about 2 years and just thought it would be cool to change it up and become a dog trainer.