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Open Range Can Help With Service Dogs!

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AKC Standardized Training Modules and Certificates.

4 Step Simple Behavior Alteration

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Remove your doubt and take control. K9 behavior does NOT have to be an obstacle. Master your own fears and improve handler-K9 team confidence. You can do it!

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Interactive Training

Our academy is not a video but a completely immersive learning experience.

Family Focus

Improve complete home health and K9 living.

Whole Pup Focus

Healthy K9 behavior is influenced by many factors. Improve human reaction, home environment, and training consistency.

"We had a great experience with Open Range Academy when Dawn helped to train our new pup, Gus, this spring.

My husband and I both hadn't owned dogs since we were kids and so we were a little nervous about properly training a new puppy. We decided to send him to Dawn to make sure he had a really good foundation. He did live-in training and completed her 16-week program, and we could not be happier.

He came home such a sweet, friendly, well-socialized dog. Dawn has a big family, so he got used to being around other people. She also has trained a lot of dogs, so she knows how to teach them not to engage in bad behavior (like jumping up on the couch).

Gus came home crate-trained and mostly housebroken (we just had to get him used to where to go at his new house). He also understands lots of his basic commands and is great at walking on a leash. He even earned his AKC Canine Good Citizenship certificate!

Dawn also provided a bunch of info about his usual schedule, his commands, etc. so we can keep his training going at home. It was all very helpful to us as we figured out how to take care of him. The one thing I was a little worried about was that he would not think of us as his people after spending a few months in another house, but it really hasn't been a problem as we've all become really attached to each other."
Maggie M.

The best Solution To Improve K9 Living!

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