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ORA finance loans in as fast as 1 business day.

All credit welcome!

Qualify in one day

Soft credit check only. ORA lending provider helps source the best loan option for you.

Interest Rates As Low As 4.99% and 60 Months

We will check over 20 of the top national lenders and you will be able to immediately choose the best option for your needs.

Minimum Paperwork

5 Minute application and digital acceptance of your preferred loan option.

Open Range Academy Puppy Finance Application

No hassles, no guesswork.

Receive competitive loan offers from top lenders. Choose the best option for you and accept the terms. All in under 5 Minutes.

How it works

3 Simple Steps: Accept a funding offer in less than 5 Minutes.


Apply online NOW.

Single page no-hassle finance application.


Accept a loan offer.

You will be provided with the best available loan options; you choose the terms and rate that is best for you.


Get funds in as little as 1 day.

Upon acceptance of your loan offer, the funds will be deposited as soon as 1 day.


Common finance questions:


Do I need great or excellent credit?

No. Credit scores as low as 500 are accepted.



Will the application negatively affect my credit score?

No. The loan provider pulls a soft credit check to determine loan options.



What are my payment requirements?

Your loan payments are determined by the loan providers. You may have many loan options and repayment schedules. You will be able to review all details BEFORE you accept the loan offer.



How much down payment I need to make upon loan approval?

Zero. However, ORA requires a deposit on chosen service of 5% - 10% before accepting a loan offer. Example: you request $1,000 loan. Once approved you will deposit $100 to ORA for your service contract. You will receive your $1,000 funds in 1-7 business days. You will pay ORA the $900 balance for your service contract and you will be able to put the $100 remaining back in your bank.



Am I required to submit documents to the lender?

The lender may request supporting documents after initial loan offer is made.



Will I get a loan offer?

Over 94% of applicants are approved for a loan.



What happens if I am declined any offers?

If you are declined, ORA can offer you a no-credit-check loan that can help cover some or all of your service expenses. Options up to 48 months and 16% interest rates.


Partial Offers

Do you offer partial financing?

Yes! Even if you are declined for the requested amount you may be provided finance package offers for lesser amounts. ORA can help you bridge the gap between your partial finance package and your required amount.



Do you have other finance options?​

Yes! We offer in house no-credit-check options (after denial from our preferred lender). We also offer PayPal Credit options and more. Work with your Trainer to learn the best option for you.​


Services Financed​

What ORA services can I get financing help with?

You can apply for financing needs on any service costing $1,000 or more.​


Dog Financing​

Can you finance dogs?​

Yes! You can apply for financing to cover service dog costs, family canine's, puppies and more; if the total cost is greater than $1,000.​


Additional Expenses​

Can I apply for more if I have other associated expenses?​

Yes! You can include additional expenses like; travel fees, hotel rooms, pet insurance fees, dog home or training supplies, books for courses, etc.​


Less Than $1,000

Do you offer financing for products or services costing less than $1,000?

Yes! Primarily PayPayl Credit (Pay Later) options, PayPay 4 payment options, ORA in-house package pricing, and more. Contact us if you need further assistance.


Not answered above?

Ask our finance expert for additional assistance.

Finance Options?

ORA Finance Partners Can Help You Finance The Following:

Dog Training: Paw Pass, Workshops, Online Courses, In-Home Training, Travel To You, Board and Train, and more
Ready-For-Home (already trained) Dogs: Family Dogs and Service Dogs
Fusion Dog Trainer Programs
Affiliated Service Costs: Dog Training Supplies, Travel Costs (for you or trainer), Pet Travel Fees, Hotels, Books/Materials, and much more.

Up to $100k approved & funded the same day.

Credit scores as low as 500, all applicants welcome.