Open Range Academy

ORA Training Profile: K9 Home Behaviors

Help us learn a little more about your K9. This will assist us in providing you greater training support.

Your ORA (Open Range Academy) trainer will create a custom training plan for you and your K9.

K9 Crate Training*
Is your K9 crate trained?
K9 Potty Training*
Is your K9 potty trained?
K9 Separation Anxiety*
Does your K9 have separation anxiety?
K9 Jumping*
Does your K9 have problems jumping on house members or visitors?
K9 Begging*
Does your K9 have beg for food or treats often?
K9 Biting*
Does your K9 have issues biting house members or visitors who come into the home?
K9 Barking*
Does your K9 bark excessively?