This Module will be ever evolving based on what our clients need. Please send messages with exactly what you want to see in this module. Our training is meant to prevent most of these behaviors on this page BUT we understand that dogs will either come to a family later in life or learn new bad behaviors from other dogs or situations. This module will still be broken up by age as much as possible for ease of navigation. So here is where you ask, here is where you get what you are looking for from our AKC trainers that are here to help you with your dogs unwanted behaviors.

Common Problems: 8-12 weeks

  • Puppy Nipping
  • Puppy Jumping
  • Fear of New Experiences
  • Fear of the Car
  • Kennel Trouble
  • Potty Trouble
  • Separation Anxiety

Common Problems: 12-20 weeks

  • Toddler Defiance Video
  • Toddler Defiance Personality Breakdown
  • Working with a Head Collar to Stop Pulling
  • Working on Recall with Fetch (Session 1-4)
  • Overcoming Anxiety